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Stop sending something that is not personalized

I bought a product from Supporter's place a couple of years ago. The product was an Arsenal baby wear for our kid. Since then I've visited the same shop a few times and checked out what other Arsenal related fan stuff was on sale. So basically Supporter's place should know what I'm interested and what might be the best products to offer via newsletters. And what do they do? They try to sell me Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchested United fan stuff. I thought they knew me but they didn't.

Using customer data to sell products would be a no brainer. Let's think some scenarios how personalization could be used properly in a case when you are selling to a football fan:

  • Supports Arsenal, why on earth would you try to sell Spurs shirts to an Arsenal fan?
  • Showing Arsenal shirt and on the same page "others also bought Spurs shirts" is not bloody likely. Fans are more eager to buy their own team merchandise, so why not focus on promoting products for their own team?
  • cross selling different teams shirts, not to mentions long time rivals is a very very hard case to make a profit
  • Season starts in August. Why not offer fans new season kits, and only for their own team, not for every team there is on the premier league?
  • If the customer is browsing through the site, send them offers for those items they were already interested. Offer 5-10 % discount for those products and see how much conversion you get

If you are gathering information from your clients, use that information to serve them better. Offer products that are relevant to them. That is the way to get more conversion and sales. 

This article was updated on November 7, 2017