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Conversion needs trust

Everyone who has been trying to find cheap flight have noticed those selling tags, popups etc that try to make visitors doing more rapid decisions to buy.

Someone just bought a ticket to this flight to Timbuktu that is leaving after 9 months and the plain is pretty much empty currently, but please hurry and buy your ticket before someone else does. Steven from Ohio just bought a ticket... Steven from Ohio just bought a ticket... and did I mentioned that Steven from Ohio just bought a ticket, and what do you know, someone from ohio also bought a ticket... 

And same nonsense is also now seen on a gazillion shopify shops trying to sell more clothes, electronic gizmos what ever.  Yep, it is very much conversion optimization key points to make visitors to have a sense of urgency to miss an opportunity if they don't buy right away, but giving false information about someone making a purchase is just wrong. Not to mention GDPR effect. "hmmm... If I buy something from this shop, will they also show my information on the site?" 

Another issue is having no contact information on the site. If I'm supposed to send a few hundred euros, dollars, what ever, to the other side of world and there is no information what business I'm talking with, I'm not giving you my money. Also having no information about return policies is not a very convincing sales pitch. If the seller does not add trust to their products and give clear instructions about their return policies they lose sales easily. 

Third issue is having a secure site. Ecommerce without secure connection is not trustworthy and cannot be used for shopping. Always have SSL sertificate on the site. 

This article was updated on November 29, 2017